Hire a Spanish Writer or Ghostwriter

A ghostwriter is a person who is hired to write under someone else’s name. A ghostwriter in Spanish would be hired to write specifically in that language. Ghostwriters offer their services to people who don’t have the time or the resources to devote to the writing of a book, an article or an essay. To make the process simpler and guarantee the quality of the resulting text, those people can hire a ghostwriter to help them in the production of the piece. The ghostwriter doesn’t get any official credit, of course: their collaboration is strictly confidential.

Who Needs a Writer in Spanish and Why?

Spanish writers or ghostwriters are professional authors. As such, they are specialists in putting ideas into Spanish words. It’s common for leading figures from the worlds of politics, sports, business or entertainment to hire Spanish writers who can help them in the process of giving form to a book in Spanish. In this way, they can combine their knowledge and experience with the ghostwriter’s technique. In other cases, already well-established fiction authors use these services to expand to the Spanish market or to increase their production rhythm. One famous case is the one of Alexandre Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers and The Count of Monte Cristo, who, to compose the more than 100,000 pages of his work, hired at least 67 ghostwriters!

There are many reasons for wanting to write a book in Spanish. On the one hand, more and more, books are becoming a branding technique, a way to establish a personal brand and an excellent means to introduce yourself. On the other hand, they allow you to present the information in an organized and controlled manner, which, in many cases, can help to improve someone’s public image. Besides, it’s frequent to hire a ghostwriter to work on an autobiography, which can work as someone’s legacy for the generations to come. Not only this, but Spanish is the fourth language in number of speakers: between people who have it as their mother tongue and people who learned it as a second language, Spanish is spoken by 543 million people around the world, which makes for quite a big market.

In Palabra Editorial Agency, we do not only write autobiographies, we are also Spanish essay writers, Spanish content writers, Spanish fiction writers and songwriters in Spanish. We offer ghostwriting services in Spanish for publishing houses, authors and companies.

Spanish Writer Job: How Does It Work?

The assignment of writing a book undergoes specific stages. In this way, the ghostwriter can guarantee his anonymity, the quality of the final text and the correct development of the job. Writing with someone else’s voice is a delicate task, which requires training and practice. Typically, these are the stages that the assignment undergoes:

  • Agreeing on the price and characteristics of the book between the client and the ghostwriter. 
  • Signing a contract and an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).
  • Conducting interviews. 
  • Transcribing and editing interviews. 
  • Checking information with other sources. Gathering additional information. 
  • Writing. 
  • Client’s first reading, in which they indicate their corrections. 
  • Editing and proofreading. 
  • Final reading. 
  • Sending to press.

Commissioning a Book to a Spanish Writer: How Long Does It Take?

Generally, it can take us between one and three months, depending on the word count and the rounds of editing.


Confidentiality is an essential part of writing on commission. Ghostwriters sign an NDA so that they won’t disclose the information. And, of course, this includes the fact that they are the author of the book. These agreements not only seek to protect the client’s image, but also intend to build trust between the parties. This is important because, many times, the writer handles sensible information or private documents. That can be the case of autobiographies, for example.

That is why Palabra ensures the utmost confidentiality. Not only are we willing to sign an NDA written up by the client’s lawyers, but we can also offer our own exemplary NDA. Besides, we are careful in handling the information and the documents involved in the production of the book. We understand that it’s an intimate process and we treat it with uttermost respect.

Hire a Ghostwriter in Spanish

No matter the language in which it’s written, a book is never a one person job. It always requires, besides the author, the work of proofreaders, copy-editors, fact-checkers and designers. It’s a collaborative task, which involves many people from different fields.

Palabra has a small team that combines ghostwriters, journalists, editors, proofreaders and translators, who write in Spanish, but also speak in English, which makes for a smooth communication. We all handle ourselves with the utmost confidentiality. With that in mind, we work together to offer a homogenous finished product, exceeding and perfecting what a single freelancer could achieve.

Spanish Writer: Prices

The price of a commissioned book can vary according to the circumstances: the length of the interviews or the urgency of the deadline might call for special estimates. However, the cost tends to depend on the word count. Bear in mind that a book usually has between 50,000 and 100,000 words.

Get in touch with Palabra if you are looking for a quote. Our services include the whole package: Spanish writing, editing and proofreading.


Writing a book in Spanish is no easy task. That is why, to accomplish it, it might be necessary to hire professionals. A Spanish writer guarantees the quality of the final product. It’s a trusted author that offers their technique and discretion to their client. They provide a service required by show business personalities, sports people, politicians, businessmen or businesswomen. Sometimes, they also work for private individuals who just want to leave the story of their lives in writing.

A book is a versatile object. It can narrate someone’s personal history, a fictional story or an idea; it can work as an introduction or as a way of saying goodbye, as a symbol for a brand or as an argument in public debate. It all depends on the intention. In Palabra, we make sure that your ideas become Spanish words signed by you.

Translated by @florabosch

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