Creative Writing

We are ghostwriters and copywriters. We write any type of book in Spanish on commission—from novels to autobiographies, manuals, and e-books to publish online. We do creative writing for digital marketing and advertising agencies. We write SEO articles and social media and website copy. Our words, your signature.

Text Editing

We edit novels, theses, websites or any text in Spanish that needs improvement. We organize, complete, rewrite and comment on any kind of content. We make sure that it is ready for proofreading so that the best possible version is published. When it comes to theses, papers and other research, we also offer academic editing, which consists of checking and standardizing sources, quotes and bibliographic references.


Our team comprehends professional and experienced translators capable of translating any text from English, French or Italian into Spanish. When it comes to other languages, we outsource the translation, while keeping a close eye on the editing and final proofreading. We translate novels, non-fiction books, articles and technical texts.


We are proofreaders. Not only do we know the latest Spanish standards of writing, but we also know when it is necessary to apply them strictly and when it is better to be flexible. Whatever the case, our work always results in a spotless, professional text that is ready for publication. We are also prooflisteners of audio files

Submissions to Publishers

Is your manuscript ready to be published? We got you covered! This is what we do:

  1. We review the manuscript and draft a book proposal.
  2. Then, we choose 50 publishing houses from the countries you’re interested in having your work published, following these criteria:
    • That they are active (i.e. that they have recently published books)
    • That they aren’t self-publishing companies (i.e. that they don’t charge for publishing)
    • That they are relevant for your book (i.e. that they publish similar books, of the same genre and for the same audience)
    • That they are currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts (or, at least, that nothing indicates otherwise)
  3. Finally, we send a customized email to each of the publishers, adapting the book proposal and the manuscript file according to their technical and formal requirements. We will also CC you on the emails to keep you posted in case the proposal receives a reply, which can normally take up to a year.

Format, Layout, and Design

Books are judged by their cover. We take care of the format (indentations, line spacing, typography, titles and table of contents) and design (layout for either e-book or paper publishing) of every book and we hire professional artists to design or illustrate the covers.


We transcribe audio, video and images into text. This is especially useful for those who use transcriptions to make subtitles, interviews, podcasts and journalistic work.


Whether it’s a movie, a show, a short film, an advertisement or a video, we can subtitle your content in a professional way, complying with the highest industry standards. In addition, we offer subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH) and closed captions (CC). Besides, we can do hard coding (burned-in subtitles) or soft coding (adding subtitles in different channels).

Services for Publishers

Amazon Publishing

To publishing houses who wish to publish their catalogues on Amazon to cater for European and American markets, we offer to guide them through the process or do it for them.


To publishing houses who wish to turn their book into audiobooks, we offer a comprehensive service that goes from recording the files with professionals to editing the audio and publishing the audiobooks on Amazon, Spotify or any other platform.

What type of Spanish do we use?

We are flexible to our clients’ needs: we usually work with Castilian Spanish (/vosotros), Latin American Spanish (/ustedes) or Argentine Spanish (vos/ustedes). Besides the pronouns, we also adapt the vocabulary to the country or region where the text is to be published.

Moreover, we conform to a variety of Spanish registers and uses in close relation to the context of publication, and we are also experienced in the use of Spanish Inclusive Language (non-binary Spanish).

How much does it cost?